Shaker And Mover!

Hello Crave Red Nation !

So much is happening and we are continuing to grow , thanks to you for loving and sharing

Our Ultimate Red Beer Salsa Mix . Welcome to our new partner stores in Arkansas !

Hollywood Liquors, South Walton Spirits, Dr’s Orders Wine & Spirits, BJ’s Liquor, and Spirituex

Wines & Liquors.

  • We had several events this month. The Taste Of Grand , where we got to share and be a part of a great benefit for those in need .

  • MFG day , where we were asked to participate . Sharing the importance of Manufacturing along side of Iconex that manufactures our labels and Tone Products that manufactures our URBSM. We had an awesome hologram that the students loved. We enjoyed speaking with them about their future. It was a wonderful experience. We even made The paper !

  • The Fall Festival in Baxter Springs, Kansas was a great time. They have a wonderful community. We did get Rain and they were worried about the storm. So It was cut short.

  • Thank you to John Greenler -“John’s Backyard Holl’r” Who shared our URBSM at Bikes Blues & BBQ !

We are available on Amazon Now ! Yay ! This is so awesome for those following our page or that have heard about us through family or friends and are dying to try our Ultimate Red Beer Salsa Mix.

You now have that option to order until we get a store available near you.

We also have our online store “Zazzle “ Cool apparel. Don’t forget to check it out !

Shout out to Jon and Ashley Downey for the Amazon Online and Zazzle ! Proud to have you

both as part of Crave Red’s Team.

We also have Rita’s Roost in Baxter, and a local winner of the taste of grand “Grand Lake Public house serving our mix !

My son, Jerimiah ,who is the personality of our FB Page is the best ! Love him so much and nobody could do it better. It warms my heart and always makes me smile !

Check our JoeBoo’s hilarious video’s showing us new idea’s and recipes for The Ultimate Red Beer Salsa Mix.

Until the next Update…. Thank you Crave Red Nation for being a part of this Journey with us!


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