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Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A commonly asked question for locally owned and operated businesses is; how did you start your company? 

Read below to find out how our founder, Tammy Watkins, started her own business!

"My name is Tammy Watkins. I love making salsa with my fresh garden tomatoes. About 10 years ago, I was making homemade salsa and it was very juicy. I would drain the excess juice and I told my husband I bet that it would be good in beer. Since then, friends and family have continued to ask for it. I am now on a journey to establish a business and I hope to allow everyone the chance to enjoy this remarkably unique product."

As the business idea began to grow, the next step was finding a name for the company. Finding a name for your new company is a daunting task for any new business owner and they hope to find a name that embodies their goal, mission, and character. The inspiration for Maminka came from family. The name was derived from the gift of a son to a mother. It was a small gesture, but one from the heart: a bracelet with the Czech word for "mom" engraved on it. When brainstorming business name ideas, Tammy wanted something that held sentimental value, thus came "Maminka". Our products are not just about making a product to sell, but about making an impact in our community and eventually around the world."


Q: What type of beer is Maminka made for?

Our customers all have different tastes and preferences, but we recommend red beer!

What are some common uses for Maminka?

Some of our favorite uses of Maminka include making bloody mary's, adding to hamburgers (before grilling), or adding to scrambled eggs while cooking.

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